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Resources of the High Performance Computer 'Elwetritsch'

File Systems

The High Performance Computer comes up with different file systems for different purposes and policies. Please be aware that all files are deleted after your RHRK account has expired or your project has ended.

$HOMENFS6 TB2 TByes40 GBvia NetApp snapshots
in /home/.snapshot
personal files, self-compiled programs
(will be deleted when your RHRK account expires)
$SCRATCHBeeGFS1284 TB331 TByesnonenolarge files that can be read and written in parallel
(oldest files will be deleted when file system is 85% full)
$WORKNFS43 TB11 TByesnonenosmall files for simulations - on request only
(will be deleted when your RHRK account expires)
$TMPDIRext4varyingn/anononenoshort-time storage of local files
(will be deleted after job ends)