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The implementation of 'Elwetritsch II' is now almost finished.

New partition required

Copy of data from oldscratch requires now the usage of partition oldscratch. Please use
salloc -p oldscratch
to access a proper node.

What has changed

New nodes with newest CPU architecture, new enhanced login and VGL nodes, new GPUs for machine learning and a larger filesystem for /scratch showing much better performance are the highlights (see here for details).

News (July 2018)

The current operational parallel filesystem has to be closed down as soon as possible. Please inspect your files on /scratch and select files you continue to need. RHRK does neither copy or save any data on /scratch

You may selectively copy data from current /scratch to the new parallel filesystem:

  1. Starting a batch job on an interactive node with
    salloc -p oldscratch
    in a command window will open a shell for you.
  2. Change your working directory
  3. Move your data selectively to the new parallel filesystem
    mv my_file $SCRATCH
    Alternatively you may even copy selectively directories
    cp -rp my_directory $SCRATCH
    followed by a remove of the copied data
    rm -r my_directory
Be aware: Running jobs on old nodes will modify data on /scratch. If you have copied required data to the new parallel filesystem you may release pending jobs (now using the new /scratch):
scontrol release <jobid> Some of the new nodes will be opened for testing. These nodes will use the new /scratch and won't be able to access the old /scratch. These nodes are available in the partition skylake:
#SBATCH -p skylake
Please use these nodes to test whether your software is still running on these nodes.